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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about 4chan.

4chan is an electo-nation founded in 2003 by their leader moot (which, in hindi, stands for stinking urine). It has a population of over 9000! citizens composed almost exclusively of young white (and semi-proud) angst-ridden males, the detritus of normal society. 4chan's major imports are porn and those Guy Fawkes masks, its major exports are Internet Memes and DeMotivational Posters. With the population having almost no females the nation depends entirely on immigration to maintain its numbers, who 4chan citizens affectionately refer to as newfags.

4chan is sometimes known as The Internet Hate Machine (not to be confused with Internet Rape Machine), but it is more commonly referred to as 4ailchan. 4chan.org was the creator of the Internet, before the internet there was 4chan they than said let there be servers thus creating the internet


"4chan" is the fourth creation of the "chan" family. The first 3 "chan"s were quite successful at first, but unfortunately have ended up failing or got shut down. The first "chan" was a big hit with the males, particularly the whites, just like common day "4chan" is... today. The extremely fast popularity increase attracted the government's attention. Confusing it for the devil spawning out of modern day technology, it was regrettably shut down.

The second chan was popular with the females, and mainly was a discussion board for female menstruation issues. This angered the original creator, as he intended it for use of the clinically insane, not "those whiny bitches". He then went to each of those girl's houses, and proceeded to viciously murder all of them. He then named the website "3chan".

The third chan was hardly known or visited, but some people claimed it died of a severe case of syphilis. 4chan was founded by the Something Awful admins to feed their ongoing obsession with animated naked furry pedophile hentai OS-Tan oil wrestling GIFs, furries having sex with animals and amusing pictures of snowy owls. It went downhill from these innocuous beginnings to something far more morally ambiguous

It was originally going to be named 4chin in honor of the most prominent facial feature of the average 4chan member's morbidly obese body but site registration was left up to the guy who does all the lolcats so an unnecessary vowel replacement was inevitable. But this wasn't enough of a barrel roll. The 4chin.com web domain is currently held by the Chinese law firm of Chin, Chin, Chin and Chin and they don't feel like selling it. Barrel roll, barrel roll, the millionth Fresh Prince re-write.obamas fault......