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Lenin's hand a splode
A sploding head
Wikipedia a splode.

A Splode comes from the Greek "Asp", meaning "Asp" and the Russian "Lode" meaning "KA-BLOOEY!!". Asplosions are rare and beautiful events. Much like the event horizon of a black hole, but less spaghettified.

The Neopets Team ( TNT ) use this. Except it aminates.

What Occurs During Asplosion[edit]

Asploding is the process in which Asps, which we all know are the major constituent of quarks and leptons, suddenly start craving cheetos made by leprechaun slaves. Unfortunately, due to the size of the Asps, Cheetos cannot be delivered in the bite size pieces that they desire ( no, not even those crumbs that are left at the end... mmmm... ). This causes the Asps to accelerate in every direction known to humans ( and 7 others ) in the search for Cheetos of the right size.

However, due to the incredibly strong attraction between the Asps and their non-existent Cheetos such a large energy force is created in such a small vicinity that all surrounding material implodes. Unfortunately, this results in an extremely dense area forming sans-asp a.k.a. a black hole. Luckily this style of black hole only exists for a fraction of a second as the Asps get bored due to their incredibly short attention span and forget why they weren't chillin' at their crib.

On a macroscopic scale, the asploding object appears to combust and you suddenly lose all your Cheetos. However, the onlooker will suddenly be propositioned by an unsavory amount of Doritos.

On impact with air, much like anti-matter, asplosions will asplode, sending Chips and Crack flying down your trousers.

Then, in a blanket of chips and Crack, you will die, mercilessly scattered among the rocks and other sharp things.

This is why you should NOT pleasure a volleyball, or in theory, any type of sporting good. Especially synthetic socks. I mean, COME ON!!!