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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Abkhazia.

Abkhazia, აფხაზეთი, transl. Apkhazeti in Russian language (the Communistian), is a very small 'country' seen by Vodka Drinkers, people with guns, people with guns that drink Vodka, drunk politicians, members of the FSB who are vodka drinkers and by former politicians and former members of the KGB that used to drink the Russian liquid. Some times, sexual intercourse occurs between them, this referred members, and can originate someone who can see Abkhazia somewhere.

General Notes[edit]

There are three types of people in the world, the Abkhazians, the Non-Abkhazians, and the Abkhazians seers, which all have in common the fact of having hears.

The disease[edit]

The syndrome of watching Abkhazian people, is a strange variant and mixture of Drunkness and esquizophrenia. Besides that, the victims of these illness are said to be descendant from Cold War problems and alike, essencialy due to the Nuclear Factories Radiations propagation, and propaganda. The disease is mainly a mental problem.

With the discovery of Gaz in Russia, and it`s consequential and exponential development, GulagLand, the other known name of Russia, a place where people used to eat Children, became rich and powerful again. They can kill and destroy any defenseless person without any fear. The diskye which was the following of Christian tradition, went down, and now, Communism, a Satanist Religion, which had in Marx and Hengels, its Messiah, will raise again, starting one thing that one day will be called the Warm War.

The "Country"[edit]

The Country of Abkahzia is a Country, that is such a Country, that almost all of their people are from a foreign nation. The national population is composed by 55% Georgians, 30% Russian Soldiers, 0,0001% Apsu, and other 14,999% by babies who are composed by the sons of the two before.

Former Ruins of Abkhazia, now they`re dust

The Warm War[edit]

The Warm War is a stupid thing the author of this article invented that has to do with the War programs that will occur in order that one of the great Nations, that are Russia and the USA, win the weapon race and affirms itself as the major politic Force, in the Graveyard that will become Earth, if we don`t do anything first to prevent that, like killing ourselves before that happens.

Warm War because of the changes in the weather. Climatic changes will occur in the future because of the Wars and fuel that will be invested in this process. That is the reason why the Warm War is called the Warm War. That and the fact that, when everything will be burning, everything will be warm and comfortable.