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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about AiCaL.

AiCaL was a series of Rainbow Monkeys which began in 2007 and ended in, I dunno, like, 2010 or 2011 or something. And don't even get me started on the CPT. Who wants nocturnal types in their rescue mission team anyways?

The series came after the hiatus following Nelvana-related stuff, and preceded the current series: WtCaL's oh-goodness-what-have-they-done-with-the-CGI version. It was the AiCaL series which employed distinctly radical changes from what was previously established — including a bunch of robotic thingies, a rather unstable schizophrenic, and a gender change.

Perhaps due to this, it is the AiCaL series in particular which has received significant criticism from sectors of the Internet's population comprised of purists/traditionalists, Nelvana sticklers, and bronies. In the meantime, whilst WtCaL reigns over the Hub with its islandy, gobliny goodness, Kuki Sanban advises those offended by the previous series to remain calm and have an ice cream social.


Main characters[edit]

  • Cheer — known for shooting rainbow laser|lasers out of her torso. Also significantly enjoys making pudding and instigating parties which may or may not be related to pudding. Has the most versatile badge, due to the ability of the rainbow to make practically freaking anything.
  • Share — Cheer's biffle and distributor of lollipops. Gains a singing ability later in the series through unexplained methods and possesses the most adorable hiccups you're ever likely to hear. Is rather alluring to thunder whales.
  • Funshine — suddenly decided to change his/her gender. He now wears a baseball cap around everywhere and enjoys manly things such as sports, daring activities, and being all determined and such. Enjoys shining and would probably enjoy Shinny.
  • Grumpy — is now a manic mechanic. Emits thunderstorms and doesn't really seem to do much besides generating lulz and building random stuff like deathwaltz bubble organs and ice cream carts with tentacles. Hates centrifugal force.
  • Oopsy — the new guy whom, appearance-wise, is is probably the Rainbow Monkey equivalent of that new animated Jack Frost guy everyone keeps fangirling over. Was eventually replaced in WtCaL by that wannabe, Wonderheart.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Wish — seriously, I can never figure out whether she's turquoise or cyan, but lately I've been leaning more towards turquoise. Sometimes confused with Oopsy by bronies who think she also got a gender change.
  • Surpriselikes stalking everyone, particularly Cheer. Special talents include her unsettlingly good poker face as well as her uncanny ability to give Cheer hallucinations and hence appear to be forming out of the clouds.
  • Good Luck — has a speaking role in one episode and does practically nothing except deliver the episode's message, yet people still fangirl over him anyway.
  • Tenderheart — has a tender heart, apparently. Likes enforcing Funshine's macho-ness.
  • Best Friend — has a speaking role in one episode for absolutely no reason.
  • Harmony — known for singing and making candies (thankfully not cupcakes) as well as for having a particular interest in green gummi sweets and an all-consuming hatred for yellow ones.
  • True Heart — confuses viewers as to the spelling of 'Trueheart' or 'True Heart'. Like, all the time. If it weren't for her usual "ooh! Ah'ma lehdeh!"-type elegance, her interest in both photography and journalism at once would render her considered a hipster.
  • That new Spanish guy — Oh, you mean the proprietor of socials? Yeah, I know that guy.
  • Bedtime — seems to be able to tickle robotic mechanisms into paralysis.
  • Love-a-lot — can be awkward at times but is usually seen partaking in 16-hour drum solos or drowning her sorrows in hot chocolate. Wears a fancy scarf.

Ah! ROBOTS![edit]

  • Wingnut — prototype of WALL•E before Buy 'n' Large took a step up from Rusty Lair 2058 and began to develop the Axiom. Is easily possessed.
  • Sgt. Rocketbottom — demented war veteran. Suffers head damage from excessively savage saluting movements.
  • UR•2 — I am not.
  • Big Brain — RationalWiki's mascot, besides the goat.
  • Robomasher — trolls everyone at get-togethers and/or playtogethers.
  • Mr Beaks — Technically not a robot, but Grizzle's pet rock.

Grizzle, the only willing antagonist, is a megalomaniac, sociopathic, schizophrenic, seemingly manic-depressive bear within a mecha suit. In other words, he would make a fine Illogicopedian.


Houses and buildings[edit]

  • That upside-down house is the most awesome thing I have seen in a while.
  • The Sweetheart Candy Parlour also sells fireworks for no apparent reason.
  • The garage is, apparently, unfittingly depressing.
  • This used to be a funhouse, but now it's full of evil clowns.
  • That torte-shaped cake of a house would be somewhat of an eyesore if it weren't for all those rainbows.

[email protected][edit]

  • The gathering tree is a tree which gathers a whole bunch of crap. Aforementioned crap included birds, picnics, and a variety of rainbow monkeys.
  • The Forest of Feelings is the Everfree Forest's long-lost older sister from Cloudsdale. It's also a forum that won't run on my computah, dang nabit.
  • The picnic area is for partaking in communal dinners and knocking over plastic tables. Wheeeee!
  • Rainshine Meadows was once a hole. Now it's slightly less of a hole.
  • The fountain is, uh, decorative.

Outside [email protected][edit]

  • Woo Woo Land Woo Woo World Woohoo World would be awesome if they held raves there, since it is an amusement park. Sorta like Luna Park, but not. It seems you need a calculator and an abacus among other things to figure out how long you have to wait to get there.
  • Grizzle's lair is stupid.
  • Earth is where Ching, Miss Emma Dilemma and Jamie Oliver decided to live. Are you Freaking Kidding Me?|Are you freaking kidding me?