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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Al Qaeda.
Binbush.jpg A message from Al Qaeda
Observing fire safety regulations, these Al-Qaeda members simply display the flag of the nation which they hate. One man shouts 'Bilmemna akbar' (death to the West).

All your nuke are belong to us

~ Al-Queda on Weapons

They put the "fun" back in "fundamentalism"!

~ Tamia on Al-Qaeda


~ President Bush on Al-Qaeda

Hm, where do I sign up?

~ Some idiot on Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda is a fictional creation made by the FREEMASON LIZARD ELITE JEWS inorder to do some crazy fucking conspiracy-takeaway-freedoms-911-inside-job-CIA-gay-shit. The story the FREEMASON LIZARD JEWS want you to believe is thatAl-Qaeda is a non-profit Communist political party of the United States killer, composed of right-wing Fundamentalist Christians. Their manifesto is spearheaded by a main wish to bring beards and turbans to all males, while covering all women with black suits making them resemble Ninjas, for the reasons of personal sexual fantasy. The party's presidential candidate is The Right Honorable Reverend Osama bin Laden, former governor of the North Pole. Since 9/11, for which Al-Qaeda is blamed, Al-Qaeda has slipped from mainstream politics and Osama bin Laden is in hiding. Their proposed Vice President is Darth Vader, or perhaps Dick Cheney. They hate the westerners because they have virtually no penises (result of too much self destructing acts which cause balls to shrink, reduced testorone and in the long run, extremely tiny (0.1cm average) penises. Thus they hate the westerners because after watching too much porn, they got into several low depression called the Big (penis) Depression doing great damage to their economy. They cannot accept that the westerners or even Asians have bigger guns than them. So they decided to blast all countries with bigger penises than them. As their Cockran tells them to do so. Translated into English, Al-Qaeda means "the base" as in: "Most people call you the elite, I call you my base." AL Qaeda is also a division in Major League Baseball's American League.