Alternative Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

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Alternative Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous is a forthcoming syndicated television series scheduled to premiere this fall on The Fox Network, featuring the incomparable, incommensurable, and now ailing and incomprehensible Robin Leech.

The show features the unusual and unknown lifestyles of entertainers, athletes, business personalities, and other wealthy and successful individuals that you're completely fascinated to learn more about, despite the fact that their very existence underlines the complete worthlessness of your own with bright yellow highlighting pen. However, in this new reincarnation of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous it is hoped that you will find some solace in knowing that your golden idol secretly engages in roleplay in her furry fursona, works in his garage where he's converting his car to run on his own poop, or is using biofeedback to practice simulating a death-like state, in order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence for tax-evasion. Then, there's that guy who's overseeing the construction of a new window in his 17,000 square foot mansion, comprised solely of Mason jars filled with stuff that he collects, and that you'd really rather not know the contents of, no matter how much you insist you really do. No... no... Absolutely can't do it. Sorry! Because, honestly, it's really just too... What? How much? Well... okay. Maybe as a Pay-Per-View or a Direct-to-Video release. Our legal department will be in touch.