Anal sex

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That's Hot.

~ Paris Hilton on Anal Sex
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Is what happens after a boy anus marries a girl anus and they want to have babies.

An example of anal sex as shown by a Kleenex and Christina Aguilera
Two anuses in the throes of sexual congress
Both members should enjoy themselves during the act of anal sex. This can be seen with a happy Mr. Penis and a jolly Mr. Anus.
Use of an iButt helps with anal sex
The Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies[[1]] proudly displays their logo which fully represents who they are and what they do

The offspring thus produced are known as right li'l arse soles. Anal sex is known to be the most attractive thing in the world. Just ask Fred Phelps!

While originally outlawed by our thetan alien masters, anal sex is now a requirement for any long-term involvement in politics, religion, or professional wrestling.

Anal sex is also thought to be the #1 cause of prison babies, brought on by the aphrodisiac soap. Sadly, many of these babies grow up to become lawyers. Those who do not eventually take to the streets, kill their neighbours, and live out their lives in trees, the only thing they can be around without total genocide.

Nonetheless, anal sex is good for anus health. Because of the hard penetration, her ( his ) anus is more used and fecal materials are not remaining on the hole entrance. So, girl, do it every day and you possibly will reach the old age with a clean and healthy anus black hole. Enjoy!! :))

It should be noted that some lesbians also practice anal sex, using fingers or sex toys. It is not known precisely how prevalent the practice is, although through careful study of pornographic materials it is known that lesbians enjoy being jackhammered by men anally.

Anal sex is however quite understandably smelly, but perhaps the Neanderthal which controls our immediate natural instinct enjoys the primitivism of sticking a penis up a girl's ( or a boy's ) hole whose primary function is to excrete a brown smelly substance. Most dogs do not have anal sex. They simply have conventional sex through the rear end. It is ESSENTIAL not to get the two confused. However some dogs do have anal sex. They are called Dogomites. According to the Dog Bible, such dogs should be put to death by stoning. Alternative, the dog could simply have it's balls cut off.

Along these same lines, when vegetables have anal sex they are called Vegemites. In Australia, Vegemy is punishable by being ground into a thick paste, spread on toast, and eaten as breakfast. Vegemy is quite common in Australia.

Many politicians enjoy anal sex. The anal sex gang is a controversial group of politicians who all enjoy anal sex. Members of this group include George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Abraham Lincoln Tony Blair and John Howard who appeared in a famous sex video together.

Legal, but only on the forth and thirdth years of Yuletide, in any lizard-manufacturing plant.