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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Angel.
God creating His first Angel, Gandalf

Angels are formed wherever two or more lines intersect. Angels of over 90 degrees are termed Obese whereas angels of less than 90 degrees are termed Cute. Three Angels may cooperate together to form a trinity.

Not to be confused with Angles which are the furry nature spirits much beloved of Jahweh (also known as Jehovah, God, or Yah Wii) that dress in dark clothes, brood, mumble a lot, and drink pigs' blood from macaroni containers. In religion an angel destroys a soul, which is also known as food. The angel is a terrible cook that can destroy 10,000 dinners. Also, angels are not to be confused with Anglo-Saxons, red-headed telletubbies who paint their faces blue and urinate on carpets. This is a sign that they intend to kill you and your entire family. They make useful house pets but are prone to homicidal attacks. Three Anglo-Saxons together equals a whorde, as in the Scottish phrase: "that's a whorde lot a Anglo-Saxons." They tend to clown around when in Yankee Stadium, however.