Angry mobs

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The subject of angry mobs has never been taken seriously. They are seen as bumbling idiots whose role is to follow the main character whilst shouting completely useless phrases such as "kill him" as though he actually gives a damn. An angry mob is the equivalent of a pea in a roast dinner. It won't be missed. Here is a perfect example of why an angry mob is useless. 1. They are thick 2. Most of them have blunt weapons 3. Most are women with beards! 4. Due to budget cuts they have the worst costumes in any films!

Angry mobs suck because they are unneeded! If someone actually got an angry mob, gave it lipstick, painted idiot on their fore head, shot them a couple of times and then snogged their buttocks, no one would see the difference because they don't flippin care!!!!!