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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Animals.

Animals may also be used for eating. The petting zoo is fun for all. Here, we see a llama who has come to pet the children. Careful, they might bite! Now, we watch as the Prom Queen, A newly discovered species, goes to find her mate.

Animals are classified by scientists as anything that you can skin and wear. According to ancient legend, most animals came from space and are Atheists (they believe He is existent). Thereafter, people (elephants, gorillas and humans) kept them in rounded metallic spheres and summoned them forth to use special powers in order to battle with each other. When they wanted the animals to come out of their spheres, they would say "[Aadvark, Llama, etc], I choose you!" and throw the sphere to the ground. Eventually, after fighting a lot these animals would evolve, which became the basis for Darwin's theory of evolution that all Animals are a type of pipe bomb.