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Anime was invented in 1603 by a man named Oda Nobunaga ( born Steven Colbert ). Nobunaga invented anime to scare away the Muslims that were invading Japan. He made people have really big eyes to trick invaders into thinking they were in Europe rather than Asia. Now anime is an important part of Asian society. In the late 1700s when Jesus was resurrected, anime was banned from Europe because it was considered unholy ( I can't imagine why... ).

Some anime is hand-drawn, this anime however looks like crap, most anime is illegally copied from the internet, this is the good type of anime. As you read on you will learn about the wonderfully perverted world of Asian people.

A perfect example of a retard Asian with big-ass eyes (sometimes I think he might be white)


Narutard is a popular anime series about a gay white kid with ADD, OCD, and every other mental disorder known to man ( not to mention some known to woman ), this white kid's name is Naruto ( hence the title ). There is also an emo kid named Sasuke who Naruto wants to one day rape, and deep down inside, Sasuke feels the same way about Naruto. Sakura is a transsexual who loves the color pink so much that he... I mean she made her hair pink, she hates Naruto but likes Sasuke who she eventually gets married to. All three of these assholes get put on a ninjitsu team in their school known as Hogwarts school for ninjitsu. There is a frenchie show based on Narutard called Shuriken School.

Naruto waiting for Sasuke to get into the bed.


Frenchies are Asians ( mostly of Korean and Filipino origin ) that went to Jerusalem to convert to Judaism, then settled in France a long time ago, they make frenchie shows such as and Shuriken School just so they can feel better about themselves.


The most important subgenre of anime, hentai is a type of anime pornography that lots of Asian guys like to look at. One example of hentai is Yu-Gi-Oh! which is about naked people on pieces of cardboard that come alive and fight eachother. Another example of hentai is Trinity Blood which is about people that live in a vagina.


AMV is short for anime music video. Alot of retards post these on YouTube. Most AMVs are a bunch of random crappy anime clips along with some crappy music, it's the kind of thing Asians ( and Pacific Islanders ) are interested in. The only good AMVs are the ones where they show boobies!!! ( IG boobies to be specific )

German Influence[edit]

Most anime is influenced by African-American, but there is some that is influenced by Germans. Most anime you see on Cartoon Network and Animax ( Asia only ) have some type of German influence, such as the Gundam series which got canceled because of too much German influence. Also, Dragon Ball Z had some German influence which is why there are so many white people with scary accents. Clamp School is another good example, in this anime there are almost no Asians to be found.

Kappa Mikey[edit]

Kappa Mikey is a very unpopular american series about a white kid from America named Mikey who wins a trip to Japan, where everyone has really big eyes and thinner outlines than him ( and they can do anime-ish crap with their faces ), this show is from Nickelodeon so you can make a guess that it sucks, also it features a purple Pokemon type thing named Guano or Crappo or somethin' that ends with "o" so there is a possibility that it is a mexican.