Anne of Green Gables

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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Anne of Green Gables.

A critically acclaimed film which faithfully documents the life of Queen Elizabeth I, from her early life in an orphanage to her hilarious antics of persecuting Catholics.


Awards and Reviews[edit]

Gwyneth received an Oscar for her stirring performance, and sobbed openly during her acceptance speech. "I feel honoured to have had this opportunity. Elizabeth was a great woman, who had a good sense of style and I am okay with her being a virgin, even though I was a bit embarrassed for her at first."

The film received rave reviews, most notably by Michael Moore who said "If only George Bush would watch this film, it would melt his icy heart. Especially the scene when Diana cuts a lock of her hair. I am certain it would help him to realise that terrorists are people too."