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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Antarctica.


Antarctica is a continent roughly north of the north pole upon which penguins spontaneously form from the ice. It is big. It is, however, relatively small, especially when compared to the size of Antarctica. And it's melting; OH IT IS MELTING LIKE A COLD DAY

Antarctica is also the polar opposite of the continent of Arctica, which lives south of Shen Kua.

Antarctica, the frozen ass of planet Earth, is commonly represented by its flag which reflects its characteristics.

ITS COLD AS S**T!!![edit]

Antarctica, or Cold America, is a large mass of snow and ice found at the bottom of the Earth. The President is M*f*ing Samuel L. Jackson Unless of course, you're upside-down, in which case, it is at the top. four mythical countries share Antarctica's name: The Kingdom of Antarctica, Empire of Antarctica and The Democratic Penguin's Republic of Antarctica. While you're at it, check out the People's-who-look-just-like-humans-but-aren't-and-evolved-coincidentally-because-MacGyver-and-friend's-weren't-feeling-very-creative-that-day-high-tech Republic.

Antarctica is home to about 5 residents. This makes it both the least populated continent and the one with the highest combined IQ.