Appalachian Man Frog

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The Appalachian Man Frog is a special case of relativity with a liberal education. Credited with kick-starting both the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation, AMF [1] incorporated itself into an organized movement against whatever was convenient. The Original Covenant, a bellicose document written for the purpose of establishing the presence of Holy Man-Froggery on Earth, and assembling a group OF respected, like-minded individuals to sign it with the Pope as a witness.

Across the itchy hilltops of the Carolinas blew such a wind as to merit a remark on the front page of the local Weekly Dodgeball Mad Loggers Digest. Once all signatories had crossed the border into France [2], via manifold surreptitious Republican routes, they lined up in order of silliness:

Leonardo Da Vinci Organs Ignatius Loyola Fiddler On The Roof Parker Lewis ALGOL Reince Priebus [3]