Arthur - The Killin' Boy

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Arthur: The Killin' Boy was a basketball series that ran from 1980 to 1983, After the 1983 series, They cancelled it. On PBS.

Arthur "Killer" Read[edit]

Arthur was born in the wild killed palm trees in Africa around 1956, On the 50th episode, he was patened to say "I gotta kill!, I gotta kill!" he did not friger to say "I gotta go!, I gotta go!" Arthur died in 1999 after overdosing on squash peeps, he was not careful and was sent to hell.

Buster "Kilking" Bakster[edit]

Kilking was born the same year as Killer, On the 1st episode, he was kicked to say "I shoot ash!, I shoot ash!" he did not be kicked to say "I love you!, I love you!" Later in a few moments on the last basketball game, he passed away after Killer throwed the basketball in his face, he acually he was blind and could not see.