Aryan Xavier

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aryan xavier aryan xavier is the omnipotent and the one and only son of the greatest god of gods ZEUS WELL YOU MUST NOT THINK OF HIM WITH THIS GUY WITH A BEARD TO PUT DUMBLE DORE TO SHAME AND LONG ROBES OF WHITE well he is just a cool dude who you would see walking down some streeet sipping a glass of iced tea .

his greatest asset of all is the byke or his thunderbird which he likes too zoom around on he enjoys linkin park rock music and loves peporonni pizza with extra cheese. well aryan xavier is also a guy of comic age . he likes inventing things and then he didcreate the greatest joke of all ...who do you think created mr bush' and put him into this world. or who do you think put paris hilton into jail anyway mr xavier beleives in one concept experience to feel untill and unless somebody experiences it they talk a lot of crap about it!!