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Citizen Kane A Splode.

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Mah head a splode!
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A splode is the process of explosion but in a “ka-blooey” way that might be described as "ka-gooey". Most a splosions do not necessarily require explosives or fire for it to a splode. A splosions can be found in places where there is a buildup of a high outward force (such as where there is too much confusion). A splosions are (naturally) rare and beautiful events, much like the event horizon of a black hole, but less boring.

A sploding flag

The discovery of a splosions dates back to the 1900s when explodologists were developing a new form of rapid expanding energy force. Explodogists had been experimenting with explosions to develop a replacement for the common horse. They found that when materials that normally did not react with organic material, such as snacks and people, would a splode if the mass of the objects were a prime number. The explodogists named this reaction the I Can See it A Splode Principle. They could not determine why this happened due to the lack of technology.

While explodogists worked further into researching the cause of a splosions, scientists researched into historical accounts of a splode. The earliest record of a sploding dates back to the Triassic period. There was a hypothesis that, in addition to the possible asteroid, a splode played a role in the extinction of many animals. Many animals may have suffered spontaneous a splosions (See spontaneus a splosions below).

Thornton Wilder was secretly an explodogist, and he sneaked his own Deadly Splosion theory into his play, Our Town:

"Y'know what I think, George? I think the moon's getting nearer and nearer, and there's gonna be a big a splosion!"