Autistic People

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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Autism.

A mental disorder often related to a person's poor driving ability.

Popular explanations for collisions involving autistic people are:

  1. I didn't use my blinker, but the other driver knew I would have.
  2. The perpendicular light was green. I went when the light was green. I went when the light was green. I went when the....
  3. The shiny turns around, I can see it. I can see when it turns around, can you see when it turns around?

Autism is a disease which is transmitted through sexual interaction. Therefore, you could say that when a person suffers from autism, it is entirely their own fault. As a matter of fact, autism is easily curable. All you have to do is lock the patient in a room for twelve days, while forcing him to listen to music of the hardrock band Judas Priest.