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Barbra Streisand: Beauty beyond compare.
Evil comes in pairs.

Barbra Streisand ( or Barbed Wire ) was born in a flying car ( much like the one in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, except with a stereo ) hovering over Tucson, Arizona in 1776. Her mother died giving birth to her when the baby's enormous 171-foot nose impaled her.

( The ACLU won a court case to force the editor of this article to acknowledge the following:

Please note: This may wrongly imply that she has a nose that measures 171 standard feet. She doesn't. She has a nose with 171 actual feet dangling from it. )

Alien Incarnation[edit]

In a previous life, Barbra Streisand was a hacker from outer space. Now, she is a woman but in older days she was an small penguin from the planet XKJ25. Later, she ( she? ) studied math with her idea to take over the galaxy.

A couple of centuries ago, she ( she? ) travelled to Earth and began her career as a singer. Everybody knows that's she ( she? ) it's a singer, but she only have a big potato in her mouth.

Most everyone knows she is the alien daughter of a horse faced alien and some other horse faced alien. Oh, and she likes butta.


In 1999, Ms. Streisand commisioned artist Marge Simpson to paint this most flattering portrait of her

Barbra, or "Babs" to her closest friends, in addition to having the longest nose on record, has a singing range of about 20 octaves, well beyond human hearing range. Thus, her earliest records are most popular amongst dogs, especially gay male dogs. It has been said that her voice, at its peak loudness, could theoretically destroy all buildings in a radius of 23.7 miles.


Following World War I, post-war Germany was in dire need of economical strength. That strength came with a nose, and boy was that a big nose, from this wench...

Her nose[edit]

While her taste in underwear is unknown, it is thought it may closely resemble this artists depiction.

She Wishes[edit]

She knew how to quit you...

Political and Pornographic Career[edit]

Barbra is also known for her extremely conservative political views. She has campaigned heavily for George W. Bush and made a documentary attacking far-left cable network Fox News, The Fox and the Hound.

Barbra achieved a high level of notoriety in 1982 when she published the book Sex, a collection of photography of her in sexually explicit positions involving her nose. Despite the controversy, it sold zero copies. This was also the year in which she developed Cecil's "Theory Of Beige" into the full "Neutral Spectrum Thereom", which details the methods for the creation of both Beige, Greenish-Grey, and Off-White.

Barbra is famous for being extremely modest, courteous, and gracious to fans.

Because of their similar shapes, every time someone purchases a cucumber ( whether for food or other purposes ), Barbra receives a royalty.


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  • Dusty in Memphis ( named so because it was recorded during a particularly bad dust storm )
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  • Look in My Heart, Its Behind My Breasts
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  • Wet & Ready ( Babs goes Neurotica..err... erotica! Smash hit, multiplatinum album in Magadascar )
  • The Veil we Wear To Hide our Nose ( a set of 12 heartbreaking ballads for big nostrils )
  • Guilty
  • Not Guilty
  • Hung Jury
  • Appeal ( with Alan Dershowitz )
  • Shriller
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  • Something To Get Your Groove On ( also known as The Giggity-Giggity-Giggity-Giggity Concerto for Sonic Ecstasy )


  • Make buttsecks, not war!
  • Frankenstraisand
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  • Hello, Dali!
  • Hello, Deli!
  • Hello, Delhi! ( Bollywood Studios )
  • Hello, Dolly!
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  • What's Up, Doc?
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  • Barbara Streisand's 36 Chambers of Death and Other Famous Wu-Tang Interpretations

( Note that her last effort consisted of 8 1/2 hours of a blank screen, but she did perform her own stunts )