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The term comes from the Latin, Defleitermousix Fornix Propheticia, but all I ever wanted was the Fucking, and she wouldn't give it to me and they just keep on buggin' me and it builds up inside, IT BUILDS UP INSIDE!!!!

However, the lazy Latinate lingua hardly does justice to the burning reality of bat FUCK inSANE.

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Gregorius Androgynous went Bat Fuck Insane in the year 103 AD. He devoured himself, starting with the head ( which he roasted with shallots and pinyon nuts ) and continuing with the BAT FUCK INSANE tripes, which he pulled from the stump of his own neck. "Gurgghggh!" he said calmly, in classical Egyptian no less. What a BAT FUCK INSANE MAN! His friends, Romans, and countrymen were horrified as FUCK INSANE BATS his decapitated and partially disemboweled body strolled around the Forum and attended baseball games at the Coliseum. Finally the 500 foot Jesus hurled him into the Defleitermousix Fornix Asyluminatica for the unforgivable sin of drinking white wine instead of red wine while eating himself. There he Fucked whilst attempting to stuff Fermat's Lost Theorem up a stoat ( a weasel is totally different ).

For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Insane Bats.

During Act 4, Scene 1 of the naked interpretive dance version of Disney's The Little Mermaid, if you turn up the volume all the way and start Britney Spears' first album, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" when the lion roars, you will see the rhyme minded purest celebration of joy or commiting the unforgivable sin, mixed with the uninhabitable un-creation of being. Once you have completed this simple process, by the time you are done it is too late, you are already BAT FUCK INSANE! If you act now, only 5, we will also throw in a free* toaster ( strudel ) !

Holy Swiss Cheese, that's Bat Fuck Insane!

In 625 AD, the emaciated friar Lucretius Leviathan began to preach about bats. He began to pray to bats, invoking their membranous wings as a metaphor for the Trinity, the Pentanity, and BAT FUCK INSANITY!!!! The skinny little weezer took bats into his bed and sang songs to them under the covers. He made soups and stews of bat guano. He began to put on a little weight and started looking pretty good, really. However the isolation coupled with the harsh winter slowly drove poor Lucretius too seek other uses for bat guano. He fermented the bat's droppings with melted snow and came upon a delicious alcoholic beverage, which unbeknownst to him would drive him BAT FUCK INSANE!

King Froedrick IVII of Salmonella became bat bat bat batbatbatbatfuck BAT FUCK INSANE on learning that his wife, Queen Latifah, was actually a transvestite hippopotamus named Lucy Grindwhickers. He had been f*cking that nasty nookie for 17 years and NEVER NOTICED THE SMELL! Or her immense hippopotomous genitals, for that matter. Anyway, King Fred declared himself the Well-Hung Savior and pranced through the streets of Froedricksburgh waving his St. Peter like a very small pink lariat. He was laughed to death by his cynical subjects, who had just learned that the 100 Years' War was going into extra innings. King Froedrick died completely BAT FUCK INSANE!

Once the band Obituary wrote their ill-fated song in 1337, they all subsequently became bAt fuCk InSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANe. Anyone who listens to it will suffer the same fate. Commercial break : New Obituary Single OUT NOW !! George W. Bush once ate a pissicle while trying to molest Michael Jackson. Later he declared that "The US government does not, has not, and will never eat pissicles. And I never had sex relations animal doodie with Person. Thing. Whatever you call Michael Jackson." Bush is widely acclaimed as Americas most BATFUCKINSANE president.

This is what you will find if you Google bat fuck insane.

At the close of WWI civilization was in Shambles. And all the citizens of Shambles were BAT FUCK INSANE. Through the magic of mental contamination civilization became BAT FUck INsane too. Just look at the drug laws, for instance. Just look at television programming. Just look in your pants. You can look in our pants, but you will have to give us a pfennig first. You dirrrrty bat FUCK INSANE pervert.

This concludes our examination of the history of bAT fUCK iNsANE. Please exit at the rear of your nearest public librarian.

Philosophy and Metaphysics[edit]

[Philosophy and Metaphysics] of 'BAT FUCK INSANE[edit]

Are you Bat Fuck INSANE? Why would anyone with a single particle of sanity expect BAt fuCK INININISAAAAAAAAA!NE to have a philosophy and metaphysics?

Oh, all right. Here is the philo-meta stuff.[edit]

In the tradition of pragmatic empiricism, BAT fuck INSANE holds that the guano stands in a superogatory position with respect to the stalagmites that are savagely violating the superego and BAT world-image. Hegel agreed. Proust agreed. Nietzsche made out with a one-legged hooker. bah bah BAHHHHH BIBIBIBI B'OO BO OB 'OB 'O'B' O'BO L' 'O'BL'OL!! OGO'G'OG! LOPOPOPO! ZAA)A)A!!!!!!>Hemingway agreed, and also offered us a pfennig to look down our pants. [WHO SAID THAT? is it the little batman in our brains, the one that keeps making us think about Bat Fuck Insane?]

No. No one is in our brains. We swear it. Take the electrodes off our skulls. Please. Please please please take the batbatbatbatfuckingINSANE electrodes off our skulls. What. The. Fuck? Over.


Mainly caused by the face-fucking bats. Some idiots hang out on ridges at dusk, waiting for the bats to come. And come they do. These madwomen do it for a rush. Why don't they just stick to train or elevator surfing? It's safer and less addictive.


Another cause is CCCRRRAAACCCKKK CCCOOOCCCAAAIIINNNEEE!!!! The crack cocaine causes the bat to become Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Jackson, Andrew Jackson, or even Douglas Jackson. If the bat is lucky enough to become Samuel L. Jackson, some of the motherfucker will rub off and the bat will be BAT FUCK [email protected]@#$%$

An illustration on how it would look like if all the logic in the universe went haywire. By looking at this picture you have become well and truly Bat Fuck Insane beyond any chance of recovery - congratulations!

Holy shit, thats BaT Fuck INSaNee3! Some Zombies believe the Pope loved cheese wheels and delicious seeds?! Now that, Mr. President, is Bat Fuck INSANE! Peanut butter lubes.

BAT HUMP CR4YZNESS can be prevented by Chilling the Fuck Out. Otherwise, you can have safe sex, or just avoid bestiality in it's entirety, those this may not be much fun.

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  • Pounding bat sodomy

- *Not free, but indeed bat fuck insane.** - **Holy Shit, that's bat fuck insane!