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     Hoopsla! Meinst du David Hasselhoff?
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Baywatch was a television show about slutty lifeguards running around in slow motion alongside The Hoff.

Premise and History[edit]

Baywatch premiered on television in 1989. The pilot episode featured Angela Lansbury as a life guard in a sleepy New England town, who fell asleep while baking and accidentally burned down half of the town. Distraught, she turned to crime-solving, helped by her grandson, played by Kiefer Sutherland. Following the pilot, the show was intensely reworked.

The revised series was set on a beach in California, and introduced The Hoff, his talking car Nigel and his crack squadron of lifeguards - Jamie, Lee and Curtis. The series was an instant success, popular with parents and children alike. It was canceled because of the high cost of producing it.

David Hasselhoff revived the series after discovering that the $8m per episode spent on costumes was actually a typing error on an invoice. He financed the series himself from the sales of his popular single in Germany, and slashed the costume budget further. This time, the show was even more successful, especially in Indonesia and among single men who owned video recorders. The show led to a spin-off: Baywatch: Swindon and a reunion movie, Baywatch: Silicone.

In Season 10, the location of the show was changed to Middle Earth and the show's name was changed to CSI: Rivendell.

The show was eventually axed, due to audience research showing that every episode was virtually identical.

Baywatch was centered around the work of a team of women in red swimsuits of various sizes, running along beaches in slow motion, with plots usually centering on dangers related to beach, problems with cosmetic surgery, trying to break in to acting whilst being taken seriously, recreational drugs, and other activities pertinent to the California ( later Middle Earth ) beach lifestyle.

Failing to save people from drowning tended to be one of the most typical situations used in the shows. The show became known for showcasing women and was one of the first network TV shows that featured frequent close-up shots of cleavage women.

Key Episodes[edit]

Pilot Episode: Murder in Cabot Cove[edit]

A mad granny burns down her home town, and then sets out on a one-woman crusade to find out who did it.

First aired episode: Life's a Beach[edit]

Introduces The Hoff and Anna Nicole Smith as life guards. They run up and down a beach a bit in slow motion.

1994 Christmas Special: Boardwhacked[edit]

The Hoff gets his chest waxed while Anna Nicole runs along the beach in slow motion for forty-five minutes.

1998 Easter Special: Geldof[edit]

Bob Geldof makes a special appearance. Anna Nicole Smith's final episode, before she is replaced by Christina Aguilera and a ball of string.

2001 Final Episode: All Good Things[edit]

The Hoff is transported forward and back through time as the plot explores the evolution of the swim suit throughout the latter part of the 20th century. Unmissable.

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