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Bee Careful ( How You Treat my Love )

~ Tamia on a Phyllis Hyman spoof
Those ain't wheels, baby.

Bees are diminutive, yet sentient beings originating from upstate New York. Bee is also the 29th letter of the alphabet.

Another Note:Beeware!

While bees seldom interact with humans, their aggressive nature has allowed them to break into the underground video business. Films starring bees are known as Bee Movies. Certain Bees are known to wear large amounts of jewellery and utilise a form of communication known as Gangster rap. These bees are known as Bee Gs and can be found selling drugs and knocked off goods in many urban areas.

Bees often show up in Bunnyheads after which, for some unknown esoteric reason, "BEE IN BUNNY HEAD BEE IN BUNNYHEAD BEE IN BUNNYHEAD" must be sung, otherwise Avril Lavigne ceases to exist. ( It's unclear why this needs to be prevented. )

The Sexing of Bees[edit]

Over the eons of hominid existence, many prominent scientists, such as Nikola Tesla and Avril Lavigne, have struggled with the eternal conundrum of the sexing of bees. However, the bees themselves have had no problem sexing one another.

Spelling Bees[edit]


The simple answer is B-E-E-S, although many people fail to appreciate just how common dyslexia is amongst bees. Recent studies suggest that more than 90% of bees have trouble spelling simple words like PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS.

Famous Bee Wars[edit]

After losing his Voot Cruiser to a radical suicide bee, Bizarro Zim declared a fusion powered war against "The Bee". It is unclear to most which planet he destroyed in his madness, but most people think it is the reason Pluto is no longer recognized by NASAPlace as a legitimate planet. And you shouldn't fuck with bees, because they'll sting you all at once so you die.

Common Bee-grade Occupations[edit]

  • Spelling bee
  • Quilting bee
  • Cagey bees