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Bill Cosby in 1955
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Merriwether Frankel Shmeckle Willard "Bill" Cosby (January 30, 1932 - December 9, 2017) was an American sweater model who gained notoriety when he was cast in the dramatic television seriess, The Cosby Show, which is now considered culturally defining as it was the first network television series to be about a Martian American family. He was nicknamed the Prince of Jell-O Shots.

Early life[edit]

Bill Cosby was born on a giant landmass in Pacific Ocean, during the Mesozoic era, which has since been engulfed by the sea. His parents were both unicellular eukaryotes, known as protozoa. Though little is known about this period in Cosby's life, scientists have concluded that he survived off of a diet that consisted mainly of grape laffy taffy.


A long running cartoon series created by bill cosby that was a rip off of read more about the cartoon see article here Cosbymon.


Billy Cosby is credited as the first African American sweater model to enjoy widespread recognition and mainstream sucsess. Though he has completely retired from sweater modeling and his career is often overshadowed by the fact that he voices his distaste for men who wear their pants baggy every single chance he gets, Billy Cosby cemented his unrelinquishable place in history when astrologists dubbed the newly discovered ninth planet (Pluto's replacement) "Frazzle Snazzle".


Bill Cosby singing to a young lad from the audience. He didn't know what the jazz was all about.
  • Well, You See... (1956)
  • They don't know what the Jazz is all about! (1962)
  • The Huxtable Shuffle (instrumental) (1964)
  • Alicia Keys is a Very Funny Girl (1968)
  • Bill Cosby Itself (1974)
  • Dude, don't hang up, I think I'm gay (In association with Dane Cook)
  • Bill Cosby's Squeekiest Clean Christmas Jamboree (featuring "Leggo My Jell-O, Nigger!") (c. 1981)
  • Bill Cosby's Chip n' Dales MMORPG (1988)
  • Our Eyes Are Huge the Duet Album with Rodney Dangerfield (1995)
  • Chomo Immaculate (2001)
  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids featuring Li'l Kim (2002)
  • Your Mom?!? (2003)
  • sexy Cosby on Drugs Part VI (2004)
  • Kassius's Mix Vault: The Cosby Collection (2005) joint effort between Kassius and Cosby
  • Subliminal Self Promotion (2006)
  • Cosby's Golden (2006) [1]
  • Cosby Vocoder: Ballad for the Kids (2006) [2]
  • Epic Cosby Password (2006) (YTMND Records in association with [3]
  • Dre Feat Cosby (2006) [4]
  • Jell-O Pudding Popz Wut Wut?! (2007)
  • Butterfly Kisses and Sweet Whispers of Secret Rendez-vous' Along the Coney Island Boardwalk

in Summer When the Glistening Ocean Majestically Meets the Sky (1738)

  • Added Fish Flavor (c. 2,000,000,000 AD)
  • Added Fish Flavor with Special Bonus Side of Onion Cylinders (602 BC)
  • Why Bill Cosby Took Over the World And Sold Drugs To Everyone(2507)
  • Frazzle Snazzle/Bleeble Blabble (?)
  • The Day I Shot JFK (1971)
  • The Big Black Beast Who Beat Black Beats (2008)
  • Rocketpower Revealed: Was Tito Gay? (1999)


Poop Bus: The Movie (1972)
  • Kids Say The Darndest Things (583 B.C.-581 B.C.) ..... as himself
  • Kids Say the Damnest Things (1945 - 1945) ..... as Cosby
  • Kids Say Fuckin' Weird Shiznit, Nigga (1935)
  • Leonard, Parts I-IV 1987
  • "The Cosby Hour"
  • "The Cos Show"
  • "The Bill Cosby Show"
  • "Bill Cosby's Place"
  • Cheerleaders Of Hump City High(co-starring Tits McGee)
  • Filbert and Russel's Anal Adventure
  • "Cosby"
  • "The Cosby"
  • The Cosby Show
  • Bill Cosby's Fall Project
  • Fat Albert and the Quadruple Bypass Surgery (Hey Hey Hey, Two Heart Attacks a Day!)
  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
  • Fat Albert and the Balloon Angioplasty
  • Brace Yo Selfs Fool 1359 B.C.
  • The Nutty Monkey Strikes Again
  • Fight Club
  • Poop Bus: The Movie" (1972)
  • Poop Bus: The Movie 7" (12 B.C.)
  • One Night In Bill" (1776)
  • Chicken Fart" (1395)
  • Billy's Super-Duper Orgy Experience" (2008)

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