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     Whoops! Maybe you were looking for the Bishop of Rome?

For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Bishop.
Unglican bishops
A Chess Bishop

Stuff About Acutal Bishops[edit]

Real bishops are the dudes who talk a random stuff about this guy called Adam, and how easy it is to cook a hot dog in this place called Hell (Apparently, the temperature in there is a little over infinity degrees celcius, so the sausage should be ready pretty quickly). Bishops wear these gold chains, which in the Hierachy of Gold Stuff You Wear on Your Neck or Wrist, may be classified as either Nice Bling, Sweet Bling, or Wicked Bling. Bishops are generally bald, and a bishop with some remaining hair is most likely Satan in disguise. Either Satan or Michael Jackson. They also enjoy playing Wii except they get to turn on god mode hacks, which is what they're actually doing in the confessionals box.