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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Brain.
The brain of God

The human brain is awesome, cause it does cool stuff like give you balance and stuff. It is located in your skull and is controlled as we all know by now, by TIBs, which are microscopic creatures that live in your brain. Brains are often plagued by tooth rot and intelligence - a direct result of the ringing noise heard after listening to full volume rock music.


TIBs is a mistyped abbreviation of In The Brain. The typo stuck simply because it sounds cooler, a bit like an MIB (Man in Black) or BIB (Bear in Boardroom). They are a friendly creature, microscopic in size, making them impossible to see. As a result of their invisibility powers, brain surgeons have not been able to find evidence of sych a creature, yet they are known to exist as experts have yet to muster a more plausible theory as to how the brain works.