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Bullshit is a complete description of the human condition.

Bullshit and Western Civilization[edit]

Bullshit (ISO 4217 currency code: BS) is a type of monetary unit commonly used throughout the world. It is not the currency of any one nation, but rather is the de facto medium of exchange for bureaucratic organizations worldwide. While this is bullshit's officially designated function, it is more commonly and informally used by lesser institutions and private citizens. Also, it's just bullshit. Corporations use bullshit to hide the fact that we are all living in a matrix, and that the red dragon will eventually take over.

Although the word "bullshit" is generally used as the catch-all term for the currency, it has many vaguely-defined denominations, including bull, crap, bullcrap, horseshit, and poppycock

The word bullshit can be reduced in scope when discussing such topics as Western Civilization. It is associated with such themes as the rat race, the Cold War, the recent London Riots ( August 2011 ), fast food, patriotism, the Information Age, existentialism, for-profit education, overuse of the word "democracy", advertising and certain types of music.