Campbell's Spaghetti

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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Campbell's Spaghetti.

Campbell's Spaghetti is a delicious canned spaghetti product produced by the Campbell's company. It consists of a sweet tomato sauce, hydrolyzed wheat protein, enzyme modified cheese, and noodles. It contains eighty percent of one's sodium needs, which is not ideal for those who consume their own urine for pleasure and sport. (Unless, however, one prefers the urine to be extremely salty.) It can be stuffed into a rotten bell pepper and eaten, after which the pepper can be placed on the end of a lit cigarette to produce a Jackson Illusion Pepper. Several pinches of MSG, available in stores as Ac'cent food enhancer, will help to make the product tolerable.

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