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I don't know where Cape Verde is.

~ God on the location of Cape Verde and his apparent lack of omniscience

Cape Verde is located somewhere on this map

Cape Verde is commonly regarded to be the most forgettable country on the planet. In 2007, the UN issued a statement saying that they believed that Cape Verde does not actually exist, and in fact their representative just turns up everyday claiming to be from real country, and is really just involved in an elaborate episode of punk'd.


Cape Verde was discovered by Portuguese dictator Jose Mourinho in 2003, while trying to discover the meaning life. He later forgot where he put it.


Cape Verde is home to three residents, who are two 25 year old males and a domesticated goat. They have learnt not to question it. They speak a language only understood by Jesus, his disciples and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Their diet mainly consists of acorns and sea salt and they worship the hawk.


Cape Verde's main export is Abba DVDs. The nation's economy would collapse, if it was not for the huge demand for these products in Eastern Europe.