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A cartoon about a car toon. Say that five times fast and then spank your grandma!

A cartoon is a similar to a motion-picture film, except that instead of photographing reality and then moving the photographs at a speed that mimics movement, a cartoon photographs drawings and then moves them at a speed that mimics movement. Come to think of it, drawings are "real" subjectively, correct? I mean, a drawing of Mickey Mouse exists in the real world, so who's to say that a cartoon is any different from a "real" movie?

Ahem. Uncyclopedia would like to apologize for going slightly off-subject. To continue reading about the subjective differences inherent in seperating art from reality and defining the basis of reality, see the Oscar Wilde article, and vandalize it. No one has ever though of that before, let me tell you.

A cartoon is like a comic strip that moves. This does not mean you can take Family Circus, waggle it around, and call it a cartoon. In this case, you would call it ( as in all cases ) "mindless drivel."

Smurfette in an x-rated cartoon

To cut money, cartoons are usually shot on location in Toontown. There are actually many Toontowns, but the most popular are in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Sometimes kids programmes are made using stop-motion animation. This is not a cartoon. This is boring.