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In Communist China, Party Leader get more chicks than YOU.

~ Russian Reversal on Communist China

Say. . .

~ Russia on Communist China

The Chinese race was started in the 1910s. Prior to that, they were separated into several distinct classes: Han People, Manchu People, Cantonese people, and Foreign Devils Visiting China. They have since been re-categorized into Chinese People and the Foreign Devils Who Are Visiting China But Will Be Leaving Soon. When illustrious leader Mao Zedong was voted “Most Likely to Die a Virgin” by class of ‘11. Hurt by the injustice of the high school system, Mao vowed to get revenge against the capitalist pig dogs who had as many as three, four, even twenty girlfriends, and never thought to throw one his way.

It was then that the Communist Party of China was born. Young Mao Zedong worked tirelessly to make sure that every Chinese citizen would get laid. There was rejoicing throughout the Mainland and people sang him praises. Mao had every nerdy little schoolboy and girl wear a red scarf, to signify that they were all getting some at last.

It seemed like a great plan at the time, yet Communist China was fall to one of the great pitfalls of Human Nature: laziness. Once people were guaranteed just as much as their neighbor, they no longer bothered with everyday routines such as bathing or even grabbing a clean shirt.

Chinese Diaspora[edit]

Many Laundromat owners saw their businesses fail and were forced to emigrate to the U.S. to reopen their businesses. Many other Chinese left the country to become railroad workers because their fellow citizens had turned into giant blobs of blubber who never left bed. However, they found the U.S. to be not much better, and willing returned to China after the Yellow Peril Act of 1950. Because all the Chinese did was have sex, sex, and some more sex under the communist party rule, China’s population has skyrocketed. The only time U.S. birth rates that even came close to that of China’s was nine months after the New York City blackout. The massive numbers of Chinese leaving for the U.S. everyday did not put a dent in the growing population.


China introduced the “One time” rule, which basically stated that citizens were limited to one night of sexual intercourse, in hopes of slowing population growth. Those who did not obey the rule fled the country or were forcefully castrated.

After massive protests against the deteriorating quality of a good fuck, the Chinese have decided to take back their country by force. Pockets of resistance began to be pretty, despite the challenges involved.