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Symbol of the United Faith Church of Ross

United Faith Church of Ross (UFCR) was founded in 7305 D.A. (2008 A.D.) by the Great American philanthropist Damon Leto of St. Norbert College along the banks of the Fox River in De Pere, WI. This church was founded as the new American religion of the upper Midwest. The United Faith Church of Ross is a larger denomination that follows the teachings of the Wisconsin Rothlic Order, which is a Rothlic monastery located in Seymour, WI.

Beliefs and Customs[edit]

The UFCR follows the writings of the Wisconsin Rothlic Order who in 5120 D.A. published the book known simply as “The Pages”. The Pages are considered sacred texts and are looked upon by the UFCR members as a Catholic would look upon the Bible. Another thing that many Rothlic faith followers practice is the Calendar of Birth, which marks every day after the Birth of Ross as the Days After or simply D.A. for example the UFCR was founded in 7305 D.A. or 7,305 days after Ross was born. Another Custom for members of the UFCR is that they celebrate all saints holidays and all religious holidays by sitting at home and accomplishing nothing for that day as a tribute to the saint or deity that day is named after. The UFCR is also a communal church, much like the Mormon Church of the 1800’s. They practice community holdings.


Our prayer hands are bigger than the leading big-hand products.

In the UFCR they celebrate communion on Fridays and Wednesdays. However Communion is given on Sundays but is option. Communion consists of readings from the pages, followed by Rants about fellow members of the congregation, and then all members partake in a breaking of bread and the community dinner is held after to ensure a close church atmosphere.

Wisconsin Rothlic Order[edit]

The Wisconsin Rothlic Order is a monastery founded along the banks of the River Valley in 5114 D.A. (2002 A.D.) and has become the leading organization in charge of governing the United Faith Church of Ross. This monastery was created to provide an alternative to the Judeo-Christian values that have been taught for countless years in the region. This Order provides a new way of religion based a mixture of scientific and moral values that teach the values of Ross of Isaar.

Although followed by the UFCR, the Wisconsin Rothlic Order does not claim to be connected to this later counterpart in a direct sense. Instead they accept that the UFCR looks to this monastery for religious guidance. Members of the Monastery include some of the founding members and also include multiple saints in their ranks.

Saints and prophets[edit]

  • Saint Alicia of the Snows
  • Ross of Isaar (Founder of Rothlic Faith)
  • Skylark Bauman (Prophet)
  • Andrew Hawk (Prophet)
  • St. Alexander Vanger (The Accountant)
  • St. Matthew Haskell (The Tall)
  • St. Kristen Wolf (The Good)
  • St. Lucifer Augustus Winston Alabaster Nomad (The Young)