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This box demonstrates a simple form of coin flipping, "The Bird and Egg." Note the extended middle finger on the right hand side. Traditionally, the other fingers are curled, with the middle extended, but this was reversed to comply with Chinese decency laws.

A combination of cock trick and flip off, coin flipping is when you make obscene gestures whilst manipulating one or more coins, in a skillfull and/or seemingly-impossible manner. This was a preferred pastime before the advent of sex. Like sex, it is considered sinful, both because of the obscenity and because, like all stage magic, it is considered a gateway to the occult.


  • The bird and the egg: considered the most basic trick, one puts a coin in the palm, flicks off the audience with that hand, and the coin re-appears in the other hand. This is often repeated, and often at high speed.
  • The birds and the bees: With both middle fingers extended, one causes the coin to dance in a fast a rhythmic manner across both hands.
  • The alchemical marriage: After revealing both hands to be empty, one palms a silver coin, usual a nickel, and flicks off the audience. Then the other hand, which is empty, is construed to resemble a vagina. After inserting the middle finger into the other hand, it is withdrawn and becomes flaccid. Then the vaginal hand is shown to contain a coin of greater value, often gold in color.
  • Odysseus Journey: Similar to the Alchemical Marriage, except for the second hand is made to resemble the anus instead of the vagina, and, instead of one gold coin, several copper pennies are produced.
  • Around the world: One causes the coin to dance around both hands and arms, eventually falling into the mouth. The mouth is then shown to be empty. The coin is then pulled from the anus. More daring practitioners occasionally involve the ears and nostrils. Women attempting this trick often involve the vagina, usually instead of the anus. Attempts to hide a coin in, or pull a coin from, the male uethra is not recomended.
  • The fire ants and the porcupine: considered a master-level trick, no clear description exists.
  • The bagder and the diamond: A few variations exist, of which only a handful have been attempted, always with horrible results.