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Comoros is the name given to four out of five quintuplet brothers in the Indian Ocean Mafia, with Moroni ( an Italian-style place ) as their base. The brothers are Grande Comore, the Godfather, Moheli, the Don, and Anjouan, the Hitman. The fourth brother, Mayotte ( aka George ), decided against joining the Mafia, and therefore became a good little boy for his grandmother, France. He is now a drunken queer in the heart of New York City, where he does stand-up comedy shows, although, having no one around to stop him, he has since turned evil and taken Nuked America and helped Canada to claim Alaska. The fifth Brother, dubed Banc Du Geyser ( or more properly Sitting Bull's spit ), has died after an explosion in a nearby Cillit Bang plant.

The Comoros are a result of Madagascar's drunken one-night stand with Mozambique and Tanzania. Madagascar is their mother, their father is not known. Both countries deny having anything to do with these "little maniac islands".

Because of their mad, almost acid-like personalities, the islands are given a similar status in society as other evil islands like Mauritius, one of the purest of all evil islands, the Syechelles, a gang of 115 islands who go on a rampage every now and then, Reunion, who loves to mercilessly torture and Chagos, who are still bitter about not getting employment at the Cillit Bang plant