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A lucky treasure hunter finds the used condom of the Elephant Man.

Comdoms are for noobs

~ Pope Francis

Condoms, alias "rubbers', alias "sock", alias "petes" were created by Adam Sandler as a cheap way to avoid buying balloons for poor clowns, haha. They were used to make ballon animals until one night that she was totally cooked, Hillary Clinton sucked on one. The rest is history. but the condomIt can also be a hat, a Latex friend (If you have a permanent Marker), cheap lubed gloves, and even a form of currency. Satan's Daughter, Wilma Flintstone, created the birth control pill. The original pill can be found at the Smithsonian Museum, weighting at 5.2 pounds, and as big as your fist. His first child (Mr. T) created abstinence, a method of keeping people from having sex by telling stories about how if you touch other people, your penis will fall off and land in another dimension where dogs will eat it. This story has been confirmed on a recent episode of Family Guy as well. He also Created the dreaded Vasectomy, (Vuh Sec'tem Ee), which comes from the Latin vas, meaning "nuts", and ectomy meaning "being chopped off with a hatchet". Satan's fourth child (Princess Diana), trying to live up to Mr. T's reputation, created condoms for women as part of the woman's rights movent, equal rights, and all that. She also created the diaphragm. Unfortunately, an angel hijacked her limo and drove into a brick wall. According to experts, if all you use all of these devices simultaniously, then you will be banished forever to the world of Fat Chicks (Fh-at Chix), a species of Elephant People that gather together and discuss how much they crave the sexual amusement of men. They also have a tendency to eat, so if you come across one, be sure NOT to have any food with you. Being the educated scientist he is,the Pope decided to announce that condoms do not stop the spread of AIDS.