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Crazy Coin (unofficially represented by the copyright sign © or (C) ), is an interstudent currency in use between students numerous schools in the southern hemisphere like Ivanhoe Grammar School.


The Crazy Coin was created on the 19th of November 2006 in order to address the pressing need for an interstudent currency, which had been causing widespread discontent amongst school students. The founders of the Crazy Coin opted to search for a consensus of students who wished to create a currency. Through a process of extensive interschool communication, it was agreed create a currency, and to name it the Crazy Coin. Highly available counters were used, which were collected and distributed amongst the students who wished to take part, thus creating the Crazy Coin.

At the advent of the Crazy Coin currency (In French: Le Coin du Michael Jackson) it was common practice, when one discovered a crazy coin on the ground, in ones' pocket or in ones' English note book, as was popular at the time, one would call "CRAAAZY®". This practice has been discontinued due to a ban placed by her most esteemed excellency, Prime Minister Vixen and her ban on rambungious behaviour as would usually follow the discovery of a Crazy Coin. Phrases such as 'Crazy!', 'Wow!', 'That's seriously freaked up!' and 'Does the canteen still sell Pizza on fridays?' were usually called in rapid succession.

Due to the uneven distribution of the counters used to represent Crazy Coins, large amounts of wealth were collected in a minority of students, while the remaining wealth became distrubuted over the majority of students. This, combined with the loss of one thirteenth of the total currency in circulation has resulted in widespread "poverty" amongst students.

Problems and Issues[edit]

Today, the Crazy Coin faces numerous problems, threatening its own continuation. The lack of a mint means that events such as the Somon Crisis exacerbate the uneven distribution of wealth, whilst counterfeiting runs rife.

The most well known Crazy Coin heist in history was carried out by Theivy the Kleptomaniac Clown. Theivy, a well known advocator of anarchy and the death of the Crazy Coin stole an amount equal to 5 thirteenths of the total Crazy Coin currency. (just under 40% of the currency). Luckily the authorities were tipped off by an anonymous caller and apprehended the villain almost immediately. Sadly Theivy was released almost immediately too thanks to the honourable Judge Wompa.

Synonyms and slang[edit]

Crazy Coins are also known as "Crazies", commonly used in a phrase similar to, "mate, lash me a few crazies".

Crazy Coin Merchandise[edit]

Recent studies have suggested that crazy coins may emit some sort of neuro-addictive signal. This may be the causes of the recent surge in Crazy Coin memorabilia. The following items have recently been spotted by top item spotting people... yes.

  • Crazy Coin: Coin dispensor
  • Crazy Coin: Plush toy
  • Crazy Coin: Home Pregnancy Test
  • Crazy Coin: Portable oven
  • Crazy Coin: The Coins and the Craziness
  • Crazy Coin: Book cleaning kit
  • Crazy Coin: Hemaroid Cream
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