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Cuppa Tea evolved into Cuppa Joe in an effort to become more mainstream. He eventually shortened his name to Joe. Peesa Cake, Cuppa's rival, followed the suit by changing his name to Peesa Pie and later Pizza Pie (this is most likely due to the fact his name was mispelled by some illiterate fans and told to Peesa, an illiterate man himself). Jefferson Airplane also followed with this namechanging technique by evolving into Jefferson Starship and then just Starship.


Domesticated in Ethiopia in ancient times, coffee is a plant, the roasting and grinding beans of which may be used to make a stimulating, caffeine-containing, beverage. The beans can also be chewed and sometimes can be found sold with a chocolate coating.

Coffee reached Europe in the 17th century AD, when traders from the East brought it to Venice. Soon afterwards, coffeehouses began to spring up across Europe. Coffee was most widely embraced in England over the next two centuries. Today, Brazil exports more coffee than any other nation.

Coffee grows best in areas with moderate amounts of both rain and sunshine, and with temperatures that do not deviate far from 70º F.