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The Undead Sea displayed in Sea of The Dead documentary

Dead Sea is the historical name for the saline lake now known as the Undead Sea.

Original naming[edit]

The Undead Sea is located in the lowest point of Earth which coincides to be also the lowest point of the region of where it is located, the Israeli-Palestinian shithole. Being in the lowest part of a shit-hole, the sea was always full of shit, this way preventing the development of any life form except some primitive anaerobic bacteria and desert prophets.

Turning into the Undead Sea[edit]

A few days after both Jesus and Muhammad urinated in the Dead Sea waters, the lake started to display the miraculous distinctive features that it bears until today. Every dead thing that enters the Dead Sea - from them more properly known as Undead Sea - turns into a zombie.

Current Status[edit]

Due to Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, the Undead Sea is now populated mainly by moving dismembered body parts of suicide bombers and their victims, carried there by the rain or Israeli street washing services. One widely known fact about the Undead Sea is that you can't drown in it, as the zombies will carry you up to a more suitable place to eat your brains. Zombies don't feed while in the water, because then the food would die and thus turn into a zombie and zombies don't eat other zombies ("too gritty"). This means that few things die in the Dead Sea nowadays, leading to a reduction in numbers of zombies.

Sea of The Dead[edit]

Sea of The Dead is a 2005 documentary about the fauna of the Undead Sea, denouncing several zombie-rights infringement and anti-ecological attitudes by Israeli security forces against Palestinian zombies. It is a co-production of George Romero and Abbas Kiarostani and gained such wide popularity that some people started to refer to the lake as the movie title.