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Del Crappo is a genre invented by DJ Love Master 5000 which means the worst music ever. There are those who claim music under "Country" or "Rap" are the worst forms of music, but they are wrong, for Del Crappo is the worst anything could ever get.

Origin Of Del Crappo[edit]

Fueled by a hatred of one Sir Del Taco, and the repeated use of the word "Crappo" DJ Love Master 5000 put the two together and used the genre to judge a certain group's music.

Miggy Free & The Stark Roads[edit]

Miggy Free & The Stark Roads (Which features DJ Love Master 5000 on the keyboards) is the first band to support the label Del Crappo, which also lead to it's invention in the first place.

R. Kelly[edit]

Proudly supports the label of Del Crappo.