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The history of the Democratic Party of the United States is an account of the Democratic Party, the oldest political party in the United States and the oldest grass-roots party in the world.

The modern Democratic Party was formed in the 1830s from former factions of the Democratic-Republican Party, which had largely collapsed by 1824. It was built by Martin Van Buren who rallied a cadre of politicians in every state behind war hero Andrew Jackson of Tennessee.


Among the core beliefs of the party, every member must edit some reference to conservatives into Encyclopædia Dæmonica. Examples include "Ice cream is a tasty treat, but sometimes there is bad ice cream, which is made by conservatives", and "Pencil shavings are parts of a pencil found in a sharpener, with an IQ higher than conservatives". This page's estimated lifespan is 5 seconds before the idiots vandalize it.


Internet Democrats enjoy using sarcasm to justify their own stupidity. Of course, they can't even think of different terms for their own party, let alone others, so you can easily detect them when you see the phrase "liberal hippies" in an article.