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Dogs are, as we all know, rather stupid animals. Their entire life revolves around eating, sleeping, humping your son and killing small chidren. This is the way most dogs spend their lives. However, there are some dogs who devote their life to dropping their organic disposal in the most inconvenient place imaginable. Mostly in popular walkways and other places where you can't avoid stepping in it, like a dark alley or right outside your frontdoor.

Saftey procedures when removing canine dropping[edit]

The dropping of canis familiaris is extremly flammable and should not be exposed to any heatsources

It is also highly corrosive an should not be allowed to come in contact with your skin (nor anything else)

"Dog shit" may explode when it comes in contact with certain kinds of wood, plastic, or kittens. Use only steel tools when removing

Dog shit in history[edit]

Many great leaders have been known to step in dog shit.

Gandhi, Churchill and Oprah among others.

These events may or may not be related to various wars, but this has never been proved or disproved.