Drinkin n Drivin

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Dont you love how people drink and drive, they are so friendly, but the best cases of drinking and driving are the one where the people an cruising down the road pure naked and a cop pulls them over. The cops first reaction is, "ummm, sir, where are your clothes," and the driver so entoxicated keals over and whispers, "heay, yhur ah phunny mhan, pofficar, imn pwereing dem ( translation: hey your a funny man officer im wearing them. ) They get a huge ticket for drunking and driving, but they never get the ticket for profanity in a public enviroment.

That is why I have an idea for the Alcohol Eater, all you need to do is simply place this thing the size of a soda can on your neck, and 5 seconds later it takes all of the alcohol out of your system, so you are able to not recieve a drunk driving ticket and after the officer leave, for a small fee of $9,000, you can get the extention for putting the alcohol back in the body.

For a total of|$9,000.01 you can get everything to aviod drunk driving, but you must use the product at your own risk. In many test cases the person uses the device and pulls out blood instead of alcohol which has resulted in extra intoxication or illness or in many cases death. Drinking and Driving is a crime, but we love it, it gives us something to laugh about.