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( Pronouncd ) Th sixth lttr of th alphabt, "" is of vry distinct origin among all othr lttrs. It is prcdd by "w" and succdd by "r". According to most scintific vidnc, tymologists hav concludd that in 1987, th last rmaining mastodon on arth built a tim machin from cloths hangrs and smn ( h didn't hav mony for glu ) and usd it to travl back to 486. Hr, h nslavd all Nativ Amrican nations and forcd thm to rct a giant tmpl in th shap of a capital ". No major scintific findings can prov conclusivly th origin of th lowr-cas "," but in ancint Irish lor, th grat dmon Mr. O'Flivls had a had shapd vry similar to "," so most bliv this may b its root.


"" is th intrnational symbol for whr to plac ons tongu to gt a mains lctrical shock. Sinc 1997 all lctrical appliancs hav had to carry this symbol so that childrn, and som adults, know xactly whr to bgin shocking thmslvs. Th lttr "" is also known as th #1 caus for lading suicids among young amish folk.


is for:
  • Pantis
  • Diarrha
  • Diarrha in pants
  • Squishis
  • ggs
  • Milk
  • Diarrha in milk ( ys, it rally dos happn. Cows can gt xplosiv diarrha and thn it gos in th milk, and thn thy just mix it in with th rst of th milk. Gross )
  • Your Mom
  • Boobis


In mathmatical botany, "" is a commonly occuring part of most trs. It is dfind as th bas of th natural log, which is at th sam tim th convrgnc of all possibl roots. Th only cas in which it dosn't work is whn daling with sawtooth functions.