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The Eggman[edit]

One of the few existing photos of an Eggman moustache. The photographer will be remembered as a brave hero. Rest in peace.

This is the coolest, awesomest and most fear-inducing moustache of them all. It is very rarely reported to be seen, because most people witnessing such a masterpiece of a moustache mysteriously tend to end up dead. One of the rare photos of this moustache can be seen to the right. As you can see, the quality isn't very good, since it was taken right as the photographer met his dreadful demise.

On October 13, 2004, the Eggman's moniker was changed from its previous title, Robotnik, to its current one. This was the result of an intense "working lunch" at Sonic Team's headquarters, in which the executives munched Ritz crackers with caviar while puffing expensive Nigerian tobacco from glossy mahogany pipes, congratulated one another on their large yachts, showed off their BlackBerrys(c), and discussed ways to make Mario look stupid.

Also known to contain pingas.