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Part of the Dæmonica series on Misery:

He's miserable. Are you?
      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Tamia?

      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for North Korea?

Pictures from Hell[edit]

Evil jesus.jpg Awful.jpg Creepy.jpg


Evil: friend or foe or snack? Many communists would tell you that evil is evil. This is simply untrue. Evil is not evil, but is indeed not evil. However, by using the word evil to describe what evil is not, I have stumbled and indeed backed up the commies point that evil is a word meaning evil. I have effectively dug myself into a hole with this failed article, and the only way out is to distract you with pretty red writing and sneak out the back door.

But in all un-seriousness, evil should be embraced rather than shunned as it is by evil people, with no sense of empathy for helpless evil adjectives. Those evil enough to call evil evil are completely evil, and should be tied to llamas and spanked, as they are clearly too evil to allow evil to exist in evil peace.

Evil is not evil, it is merely misunderstood!

The arch nemesis of evil is obviously good, but good is in fact evil, and evil is...im losing track of where i was going with this... evil is... uh... well anyways, in summary, you should never eat apples with maggot sized holes in as they may contain fatal diseases.