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Those obsessed with so-called-experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Fergie Jesus.

The Respawning[edit]

After the crucifixion of Chicken Jesus, Jesus respawned as Fergie Jesus, the respawn was painful as he had to listen to "My Humps" for 5 hours while staring into a picture of Fergie, As he awoke, he remembered Cheeseus and his former past self, DinoJesus. Fergie came in to "comfort" the newly re-born Fergie-Jesus as he awoke but he wanted cheese, gobbling up wheel after wheel of swiss, he gained 20 pounds but lost it by going into the Church sauna.

Fergie & Jesus[edit]

Fergie and Jesus were seen with each other at many awwords including the ghrammies, the kickass music awards and my humps the realitie Series. Jesus has claimed that Fergie is now pregnent with Jesus' son

"Screw Mary, Fergie my bitch." -Jesus on Mary Madgline and Fergie