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United States of America
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A state of United States of Dæmonica


Florida or America's Wang (also known as the Armpit of the World., America/North America's penis and strap-on dildo) (more commonly known as "the place where its hot but the chances of getting run over by celebrities is near 0" or by the South simply as "Cuba") is the result of a inbreeding frenzy with the countries. It is a peninsula on the southern edge of the United States. It was once a US state until it was invaded and subsequently divided in 1971 into three colonies - North Cuba, South Canada and West Israel. Most of the military action (82%) was undertaken by French Canadians pissed off about having to speak two languages (they would rather speak three) and live in the cold. Ten percent was done by smart New Yorkers(a minority in NY) who considered their city a smelly pile of crap , Eight percent was done by Cubans who mostly either wanted to try out their new rafts or were angry at their Fuhrer - Fiddle Castor . Florida is also known as The awesome State, as due to a natural phenomenon the further north you travel the further south you end up. Indeed, Florida was once part of the Southern United States, but was excommunicated when the Judeo-Cubans founded Miami. Florida is admired because it looks like America taking a piss on Cuba.