Foghorn Leghorn

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"Bred 'n' bawn" in Atlanta, Georegia, Foghorn Leghorn was a bird with a mission - to ensure that no chickens would ever be eaten again. At age twenty-four, he formed the the charity organization, C.O.C.K. ( Children of Our Chicken Kin. )

In 1945, he ran for senator on this platform and inspired the Senator Claghorn character on . Though he actually won the election, he was convicted of murdering an Adam Page, the owner of the farm he was raised on and was sentenced to a seventeen years in the coop. In the coop, he received letters from a Miss Prissy, an admireer of his. The two became pen pals. She actually mailed him her beak, which actually talked to him in the coop. Then when he finally met her, she was not the woman she advertised herself as, and actually mentioned the possibility of marriage, so he made an assasination attempt on Colonel Sanders and was sentenced to yet another seventeen years. He returned her beak.

Upon being released from the coop, he was forever loathed by the farm's dog, who loved Page like a father.

In 1999, Foghorn was fried.