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Frog porn

A frog is a sort of bird. But it really isn't, because it doesn't fly too often. They live in water and eat bullets and store them in their eyes so they can shoot them out later. Their main diet, however, consists of pretty flowers that are generally pink. Good thing, too, those flowers mock me with their pinkness.


Generally, frogs are allied with ducks, and because of their awesomeful bullet-swallowing-and-shooting-out-of-eyes powers, they protect ducks from e-vile hunters. In return, ducks provide them with exotic flowers that frogs would not be able to reach otherwise.


Unfortunately, like ducks, frogs are an Asian delicacy. They are often caught and made to be...PETS.


They also make good pies.

But what about the trapezoids?[edit]

Ah, I was hoping you'd get to see... LOOK OVER THERE! Yoink!