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The Fu Manchu[edit]

The evil Dr. Fu Manchu after landing a role as a lampshade in a recent movie; "Politically-Correct, Asiatic Terror!"

"The Fu Manchu" can be counted on to give that feeling of dread associated with the abominable Dr. Fu Manchu. Fu (short for Fuckingenglishspeakersalwaysmanglemyname - Chi.Trad ) was an oriental crimelord famous in the 19th century for somewhat stupidly picking a fight with Oscar Wilde. Fu was turning out his opium den when he spotted Oscar climbing the wall hangings with pupils the size of dinner plates. He attempted to use chop-socky to remove Oscar but did not count on his target being a master of the Irish fighting style used by the Jedi. Oscar had served his time as a Paddywan and was more than capable of seeing the evil doctor off.

The evil Dr. left London's Limehouse district for the planet Mongo in a fit of pique where he enjoyed a brief respite before having his ass handed to him on a plater by an all-American football star and space adventurer, Flash Gordon, ably assisted by some stupid looking flying chicken men and an Errol Flynn look-alike.