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Futurama? Yeah, I know what Futurama is. Futurama is what the world looks like in the 31st century, or a thousand years from now. I should know, because I saw it all myself. Me. Phillip J. Fry. There were talking lobsters, and a one-eyed alien that looked exactly like a human but was really a mutant. And I met my 160-year-old nephew that could travel through time but only forward so we went forward until we were really going backwards. Then there was a three-eyed monkey thing that was really a superintelligent alien with a booming voice. Also my robot friend met God. Maybe.

What? No, I haven't been drinking. I would, but my robot friend needs alcohol to stay recharged and burp fire out of his mouth. I know about it because I was frozen for a thousand years, but then I came back to here with a time travel code on my ass and...

Look, I don't belong in this place.

For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Futurama.